Parents find it difficult to research Kentucky's daycare facilities

Parents find it difficult to research Kentucky's daycare facilities

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Buried beneath daycare rating sites and childcare advertisements is the Kentucky Integrated Child Care System.

Parents like Shavaun Lollis said they're experts by now at navigating the overwhelming world of daycare. Lollis has put five children through daycare, but with her oldest son, she had to learn the hard way.

"I've had bad experiences where he walked onto Poplar Level Road at rush hour," Lollis said. "At another daycare facility I walked in to find him sitting on the floor with the lights off eating burnt food."

But by the time it was 3-year-old Isabella's turn to go to daycare, she was an expert.

"I just went in at random times to check out the daycares, and it worked," Lollis said.

Still, Lollis said websites can be tough to navigate and it takes specific search words to get to the state system.

"If you just put in 'childcare,' it doesn't come up with that," Lollis explained. "It just comes up with advertisements and other local daycares that
are around."

The Kentucky Integrated Child Care System comes up following a keyword search of "Kentucky childcare system." Once on the site, you can search through all certified and licensed childcare providers by name, address and type of service.

The search will bring up details of the childcare facility, including how many stars it has received from STARS, a voluntary ratings system, and a list of inspections and complaints.

For example, a search for Lil Kings and Queens revealed seven inspections reports. One complaint investigation revealed that several of the children were allegedly signed in on the transportation van for several hours at a time in October 2015, six months before Monday's death of a 2-year-old boy in the care of a Lil' Kings and Queens employee.

The childcare facilities also are rated by STARS. The more stars a facility has, the more requirements it has met. Lil' Kings and Queens has only one star. Just one of the facilities has four stars.

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