Harry Connick Jr. talks about why he loves Louisville so much

Harry Connick Jr. talks about why he loves Louisville so much

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A jazz giant crooned his way into Louisville.

Harry Connick Jr. played to a packed house at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts Thursday night. Connick said he never plans out the set list and tries to just play the songs that feel right for the crowd.

Connick has sold over 28 million albums worldwide in addition to a successful acting career. Despite his success, Connick comes off as a humble celebrity who said he likes playing Louisville because of the warm reception he gets from fans.

"I think it's the people," Connick said while backstage hours before the show. "I come from New Orleans where people are very hospitable. They're very willing to give of their time. Even simple stuff like 'do you know what time it is' or 'do you know where the Starbucks is?' And people here are like that. People are genuinely very nice here. And they've always made me feel so welcome."

Connick said he would like to spend more time in Louisville.

"I really dig it," he said. "I really have had a good time."

Connick has a new daytime show that will debut this September. He said it will feature a little bit of everything and be like a daytime party.

Connick's tour manager said the show has already been picked up in 99 percent of television markets and will air locally on WAVE 3 News.

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