Louisville man appears on Chicago P.D.

Louisville man appears on Chicago P.D.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville actor had a guest appearance on Chicago P.D., which airs on NBC on WAVE 3 News.

Tim Gooch, 54, credits his agent, Heyman Talent of Louisville, for getting his audition tape in front of the show's casting director.

Gooch, who you might recognize locally from ProBilt commercials, has a good sense of humor.

"I thought to myself when I got the phone call I thought there has to be a few middle-aged bald guys in Chicago that they could have said 'hey ya you, random bald guy, come in here play this Roger Simpson character," Gooch joked.

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Gooch has been acting since he was 15 years old but put it on hold while raising two boys. He acted locally since he didn't want to travel. Gooch is also in software development and audio/video production.

He said he's always been a fan of the Chicago P.D. and this is the biggest thing he's done.  The shooting took place in late April in Chicago over three hours.

"I had that anxiety of 'I don't remember what my first line is,' and I'm standing there in my spot milling around waiting for Det. Olinski to shake my hand and I'm thinking 'I don't know what my first line is -  Oh, that's right, he's got the first line, well that's why I don't remember what my first line is'  and he walked up and reached out his hand and shook my hand and immediately the line kinda popped out of my mouth," Gooch said.

In the show, which aired on May 25, he played Roger Simpson, a murder victim's father.

Gooch said he was surprised he was also given a private trailer to prepare for the show.

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