Prosecutors: Man suspected of killing teen brothers also beat his mother, girlfriend

Prosecutors: Man suspected of killing teen brothers also beat his mother, girlfriend
Brice Jamar Rhodes (Source: LMDC)
Brice Jamar Rhodes (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - New details are emerging about the man suspected of killing two teen brothers in a case that has generated a firestorm of reaction throughout WAVE Country.

Brice Rhodes, 25, is charged with murder in the deaths of Larry Ordway, 14, and Maurice G. Gordon Jr., 16. Their stabbed, burned bodies were found in an alley on River Park Drive last month.

Friday, WAVE 3 News' Natalia Martinez reported that Rhodes has previously been charged with beating both his mother and his girlfriend in separate instances.

Rhodes allegedly grabbed his mother by the neck and punched her in the face as she put away groceries in September, 2014.

Prosecutors also said he punched his girlfriend repeatedly as she held their 4-month-old child in a carrier in another incident in July, 2015.

Detectives believe Rhodes and two teen co-defendants picked up the brothers. Rhodes then took them to his apartment on Hite Avenue where he stabbed them to death.

Detective Aaron Tinelli testified that Rhodes tried to eliminate evidence of the homicides by burning clothes, shoes and the backseat of his car in a dumpster in South Louisville. Investigators told prosecutors they were able to find and preserve some of that evidence. A witness placed Rhodes at the site of the dumpster.

They said Rhodes' car smelled like bleach. Detectives were still able to locate a "great amount" of blood evidence inside, Tinelli said.

"We were able to establish that there was more blood and more evidence to support that Mr. Rhodes transported those bodies in that vehicle," Tinelli said.

Rhodes, who recently said he'd get his own attorney asked the judge for a public defender Friday.

Rhodes' two teen co-defendants have not been identified because of their age. It is still unclear if they will be charged as adults. The teens helped detectives fill in the details of how the murders allegedly happened.

The juvenile suspects were identified at the same time as Rhodes, investigators said. The victims' mother, Marie Wren told them she called her son's cell phone and one of the teen suspects answered. Wren said the teen said her son would call her back. That never happened. Detectives believe at least one of the juveniles participated in the actual killing of the two victims.

During the hearing, Tinelli said one of the juveniles gave an accurate account of the murder that coincided with the evidence found at the dumpster. One of the juvenile suspects also stated the Rhodes had spoke about killing the bothers to prevent them from "snitching" about the May 4th murder of Christopher Jones.

Rhodes has refused to speak to detectives, citing his 5th amendment rights. Another witness at the scene from where the bodies were found said he saw a man trying to light a fire.

Also at the scene, investigators recovered plaster casings of tires and footprints. Tinelli said they have not yet determined the shoe size of that print.

Ordway and Gordon appeared in one of Rhodes' Youtube rap videos in which typical street themes such as guns, drugs, cash and violence were featured prominently. Following the discovery of the rap videos, as well as videos featuring the boys' mother, Marie Wren, she, too, has become a target for critics on social media.

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