Media from around the world in Louisville to cover Ali's service

Media from around the world in Louisville to cover Ali's service
Philip Georgious (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Philip Georgious (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, (WAVE) - In life and in death, Muhammad Ali continues to grip headlines from around the world. Now, as his hometown prepares to say goodbye to The Greatest, Louisville has become a temporary home to dozens of foreign journalists, like Bo Peng from China.

Peng was originally sent to the United States to cover the Copa America soccer match, but the minute he landed in the states he was re-directed to Louisville.

He said China loves Ali.

"Maybe more than 1 billion or 2 billion people they know Muhammad Ali and they know his story and they love him, yes," Peng said.

Reuters, European outlets, Al Jazerra have all staked their reporting ground at the Ali Center. Some freelancers have also been hired by stations in other countries, like Greece, for content.

"Muhammad is a very big figure because sports in general are very popular in Greece," Philip Georgious, a freelance producer said.

Plans are still being made to accommodate the huge amount of press expected on Friday. They'll have to accommodate the desires of the media while also making sure they respect the Ali family's wishes during the service.

As for Peng, he understands why so much foreign press is here. He said it's not just because of Ali's heavyweight titles.

"Many, many people remember Muhammad Ali and know why Muhammad Ali is called a legend, not a legend boxer, a legend human," Peng said.

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