Confederate monument: Will it stay, or will it go?

Confederate War monument: Will it stay, or will it go?

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Louisville's 121-year-old Confederate Army monument draws almost as many battle lines, as the debate over what led to the Civil War itself.

This week a judge may put in writing what she ruled more than three weeks ago: that the University of Louisville and Metro Government have the right to remove the Confederate soldiers monument that stood, even before its site was part of the U of L campus.

However, a group of demonstrators is hopeful the fight is not a lost cause.

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Sunday they brought battle flags, and what they say is a broader view: that the monument may offend those who see it as a reminder of slavery.

But you can't erase history.

"To me, the soldiers are the Minutemen of America. They represent a freedom for everybody," Elaine Taylor said. "It's far beyond just a Confederate statue."

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"What side they were on is irrelevant," Richard Manion said. "They're still United States citizens. They fought in the War Between the States and it should stay where it is."

On May 25, Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman threw out an order that stopped the monument from being removed, saying opponents have offered no proof of protective status, and that Louisville can do what it wants on its own land.

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