LMPD investigates teen shot in Fairdale

Published: Jul. 5, 2016 at 8:31 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 5, 2016 at 10:06 PM EDT
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Bobbie Bishop (Source: Steven Richard, WAVE 3 News)
Bobbie Bishop (Source: Steven Richard, WAVE 3 News)
Austin Mester (Source: Steven Richard, WAVE 3 News)
Austin Mester (Source: Steven Richard, WAVE 3 News)
Dwight Mitchell (Source: Steven Richard, WAVE 3 News)
Dwight Mitchell (Source: Steven Richard, WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's a call police get more than they would like - reports of people firing guns in their backyards, especially on holiday weekends. Louisville Metro Police are investigating one case of a teen who may have been randomly shot off Mount Holly Road in Fairdale over the Fourth of July weekend.

The shooting happened in a neighborhood where there are plenty of kids and according to people who live there, it's also where plenty of people fire their guns.

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"It makes me very angry because there are small children around here," said Bobbie Bishop.

Bishop is a Mount Holly Road resident and she had a warning for her Fairdale neighbors - watch out for stray bullets.

"There was a hole in my leg," said Austin Mester, Bishop's 17 year old son.

Saturday night, Austin became a gunshot victim.

"I felt a cramp," Austin said, "but it felt like a bee sting at first."

Austin says he was running from his house to a nearby Dairy Queen to get picked up by a friend and his mom, but when got to a Cash Saver store on the way he felt what he thought was that bee sting or pulled muscle in his thigh. The next morning the pain hadn't gone away and Bishop noticed blood on the back of her son's pants.

"I was pretty scared," said Bishop who rushed her son to Kosair
Children's Hospital. X-rays clearly showed the bullet, which came from a .22 caliber weapon, but doctors told Bishop they couldn't take it out.

"They said it's too deep in his muscle tissue for them to take it out and it would cause more damage to his leg and more risk of infection if they tried to take it out," Bishop said.

"I hear fireworks and everything and I just thought it was a firework that went off at first," Austin said. "I don't know what guns sound like because I don't like guns."

Plenty of neighbors sounded off on the Fairdale Crime Watch Facebook page, many saying people fire guns off in the area often. While LMPD is still investigating the case to determine if it was random gunfire, they do warn the act of firing a gun in a neighborhood is serious and so is the punishment.

"It's very serious business because it's one step from maybe killing someone," said Dwight Mitchell, a LMPD spokesman. "Your intent may have been to shoot and have fun, "but it's never fun when you're shooting something that can take life."

Someone could face a charge of wanton endangerment.

"What goes up has to come down," said Bishop, "and there could have been a small child there, my son could have been dead."

Doctors have told Bishop that Austin will have that bullet in his leg for the rest of his life. Her family is just thankful it didn't cause any more damage to his health.

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