Pastors push for Louisville to be example city

Pastors push for Louisville to be example city

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - About a dozen pastors gathered at Simmons College Friday to announce their stance against racial injustice.

"We acknowledge that our silence is part of the problem that divides our nation," Pastor Joe Phelps, of Highland Baptist Church, said. 
Phelps, along with several other pastors, spoke about encouraging acts of kindness throughout the city of Louisville.

"Love is stronger than hate, life is stronger than death, and lightness will always prevail over the dark," Reverend John Odom, of the Mid-Kentucky Presbytery, said.

As a former police officer, Bishop Steven Kelsey said his thoughts have been consumed by officers who wear the badge he once wore for many years. 
"It tugged at my heart," Dr. Kelsey said. "We have to put our lives on the line anyway and leaving our families and not knowing if the next call is going to be our last call."

Dr. Kelsey said Louisville can set the example for the rest of the world, as a city with compassion and one with a desire for unity. 

"It's going to take 'U' and 'I' to have unity. And I just want us to come together so we can be a model for the cities in our nation,"
Dr. Kelsey said. 
A vigil in honor of the fallen officers organized by Supporting Heroes has been planned Saturday at the Police Memorial in Jefferson Square at 9:30 p.m.

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