Meet Louisville's Linkin' Bridge

'You are everything this show is all about': Simon Cowell blown away by Louisville's Linkin' Bridge

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - First they impressed the judges on America's Got Talent with their rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Then on Tuesday night Louisville's own Linkin' Bridge did it again with their version on Free Bird

Before the members of Linkin' Bridge made it to Hollywood and the stage of America's Got Talent, they were friends from west Louisville with a dream. They always wanted to sing. 

"We all tried to do things in the music industry and got shut down a lot," Ekoe Alexanda said. "But partially that's due to us having to break away from music to take care of ourselves."

Recently comedian Tom Mabe brought the guys together for a prank that he called Bringing the Hood to the Burbs. The guys went to the suburbs, rang doorbells and then surprised the homeowner by singing Christmas carols. The video went viral which got Linkin' Bridge member Montre Davis thinking about auditioning for America's Got Talent.

"We tried for years to make it. Never happened. Sometimes you want to give up. You just can't. It's the drive inside of you makes you want to keep going," Montre Davis said.

While they are waiting for the dreams to take flight, the guys are keeping busy practicing six days a week and working.

Davis is a cashier at First Choice Grocery Store in the West End, and said that he used to get in trouble when he sang in the deli.

He said he's been singing since he could talk and taught his cousin Shon "China" Lacy how to carry a tune.

China is the manager of Chicken King on Broadway, and every once in a while can be caught singing at the drive thru. The tattoos on his arms tell his musical past: piano keys, a heart representing all he's put into it and sharks for some people in the business.

Now he feels things are really heating up for them.

"We're just being us. Who we are. Everyday guys. On West End of Louisville," China said.

Big Rome Kimbrough is a youth counselor at the Boys and Girls Haven and said the kids have been cheering him on. He's the only married guy of the group and said he can't help getting emotional about it.

"I've had dreams so real when you wake up, you're still holding the microphone, but there's really no microphone in your hand," Big Rome said.

The guys practice six days a week. Member Ekoe Alexanda said he feels like this is the start of his life and he's enjoying the dream right now. 

"Maybe they can sense the rawness of group, the emotion," Ekoe said. "That we are all everyday people. And I think they kind of connect with that a little bit."

The man who brought them together again, Mabe, is now serving as their manager. Maybe like Dorothy, the dream that they dreamed will come true.

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