WAVE 3 News Editorial - July 26, 2016: Justice Plans

WAVE 3 News Editorial - July 26, 2016: Justice Plans

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - We wholeheartedly endorse the National Urban League Police Reform and Accountability Recommendations that include widespread use of body and dashboard cameras, a national comprehensive anti-racial profiling law, and mandatory, uniform FBI reporting and audit of lethal force incidents involving all law enforcement.

The 10-point justice plan also includes implementation of the 21st century community policing model, review and revision of police use of deadly force policies, and a comprehensive retraining of all police officers. The plan also calls for the creation and audit of a national database of citizen complaints against police, appointment of special prosecutors to investigate police misconduct, and comprehensive review and strengthening of police hiring standards.

We also endorse the initiative of the BOUNCE TV Network calling on the Department of Justice to make de-escalation training a requirement of all local law enforcement receiving federal funding and equipment.

And we applaud Louisville mayor Greg Fischer for making all city employees undergo training to eliminate implicit or unconscious bias, and establishing a citizens advisory board to review and make recommendations on how to improve community relations.

Addressing trust issues between police and the communities they serve must be accelerated.

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