Man dies after gunfire erupts at apartment complex, bullets shatter neighbor’s door

Man dies after gunfire erupts at apartment complex

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A man died at the hospital after gunfire erupts at southwest Louisville apartment complex.

The shooting happened at The Landing Apartments off of St. Andrews Church Road on Schneble Circle just before 6 a.m. Monday.

A few of those shots made their way through a neighboring apartment, where a man was asleep inside.

"I thought I was dreaming, really," apartment resident Hani Alkannas said.

Waking up to gunfire, Alkannas still can't quite believe what happened Monday morning. He counted nearly a dozen shots and knew a few of them were coming through his apartment.

"I stayed in my bed, because I heard the glass, it was broken," Alkannas said.

Frank Garner is a maintenance man at The Landing Apartments and he said heard the shots, too.

"It was just bam bam bam bam times six, at least six gunshots, someone said 10, I heard six, after that it was silence because it was still dark and it wasn't very long at all, cops everywhere," Garner said.

Once police showed up, Alkannas said he got up and checked his home.

"Two bullets came in, one of them came in and broke the wall," Alkannas said. "It came from the wall and then got through the couch and it broke my balcony window."

He soon would find out his next door neighbor died after he was taken to the hospital. Alkannas said he just talked to the victim.

"I came from work about 12 o'clock and I said hi to him and he was so upset," Alkannas said.

He said the victim lived with his girlfriend, who was home at the time, and was visibly upset while she talked with investigators. Those emotions echoed throughout the complex.

"I wake up with shots all over my apartment and my neighbor is dead," Alkannas said. "It's sad."

Alkannas said his two young children almost stayed with him Sunday night. He said he's just thankful no one else was hurt.

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"Thank God my kids are not with me," Alkannas said.

No arrests have been made. At this time police have not released a lot of information about a possible suspect.

The victim's name has not been released from the coroner.

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