Jeffersonville roundabout causing concerns for mayor, drivers

Jeffersonville roundabout causing concerns for mayor, drivers

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - The mayor of Jeffersonville is worried about the city's new East End Crossing roundabout that connects I-265, IN 62 and Port Road.

More than 130 accidents have been reported in nine months at the location, including minor fender benders. Mayor Mike Moore believes that number is too many.

"This was a horrible idea, it didn't work we're tired of it," Moore said. "Fix it."
The roundabout is a new design for the area; it's supposed to help with traffic flow and improve safety. 
"I don't think this plan is designed well," Moore said. "The turn of the radius is sharp, the lanes are narrow, the signage is horrible."

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Moore knows he's not the only one who feels this way, as he hears complaints constantly. 
"We really don't like it at all," one truck driver said. 
"I'm hoping they will straighten it out, because I've seen so many wrecks there," driver France's Keeney said. 
The Indiana Department of Transportation said it's hard to put the number of crashes at the roundabout into context because it's new and it's still considered under construction. 
"Roundabouts are always a controversial topic whenever we put one in around the state," INDOT spokesman Will Wingfield said.

Wingfield said it usually takes drivers a year to get used to, and studies show roundabouts are safer than alternatives in terms of serious accidents.

"Really, where the big difference is made is on those severe and fatal crashes. When you look at statistics nationwide, it's a 76% reduction in injury crashes and up to a 90% reduction of fatal crashes," Wingfield said.

INDOT said they have heard the concerns, and in response will soon add larger yield signs and road markings that will help make sure drivers are in the correct lanes.

Until Moore sees proof, he's not so sure.

"I think they've created a very dangerous roadway here," Moore said.

Wingfield said once the East End bridge opens, it will even out the traffic numbers.

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