Louisville Gangs: 'Things are getting out of hand and people are dying'

Louisville gangs posting troubling photos on Facebook

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Police have to look no further than Facebook to find images of young men, holding up guns, money and gang signs with the call letters of their gang right in their profile names.

"I'm not surprised -- none whatsoever," Urban Coalition President Neal Robinson told WAVE 3 News. Robinson has worked with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer to try to connect with teens on the streets.

He said that in most cases, the teens are usually on their own.

"Things are getting out of hand and people are dying," Robinson said.

Police confirmed that last week's death of a 14-year-old boy was gang related. Investigators have not linked any of last week's other shootings, like the one at Magazine and 10th streets, to gang activity.

They did say they have their eyes on social media.

"We have people to monitor that and talk with the homicide unit," LMPD Homicide Commander Lt. Todd Kessinger said at a recent news conference.

"They're watching it and they're really good at it," UofL digital media expert Jeff Rushton said. "Our local police department's really good."

Rushton said everything online can be easily tracked by authorities. It's getting parents to pay attention that's trickier.

"It amazes me how many times parents have no clue what their kids are putting out on the web," he said.

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Robinson said that's if parents are even involved in the first place.

"Fatherhood in America ... that don't exist, which causes the problem of who's there to discipline the boys," Robinson said. "Yes we do have a gang problem, but this didn't just start when the shootings started."

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad pointed to information for parents regarding social media on the department's website here.

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