Teens: Pegasus Parade shooting was over gang beef

Teens: Pegasus Parade shooting was over gang beef

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - In an interview with Louisville Metro Police officers, 16-year-old Deshawn Johnson and 15-year-old Jeremiah Carter admitted to being affiliated with a local gang and bringing guns to the Pegasus Parade in case they ran into people they had problems with.

Carter told police he fired shots in a random direction after he saw his friend was being jumped by members of a rival gang. 

While Carter and Johnson have conflicting stories of how they obtained the guns, police said at least one of the weapons was stolen. Carter said Johnson brought the weapons to his house before they left for the parade. 

"He gave me a gun and said 'we need to take these guns up there in case anything happens,'" Carter said. "So we walked from Victory all the way to the parade."

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Both Carter and Johnson said they ran into a group from another part of town, but didn't think there would be any conflict.

Carter said he offered to sell the group marijuana before the group tried to rob Johnson.

"They grabbed him up and tried to rob him," Carter said. "After that I just pulled out the gun and started shooting. 

"What made you pull out a gun and start shooting?" an officer asked. 

"I thought they was going to kill him," Carter replied. 

"Why did you think that?" asked the officer. 

"Because that's how they talk to us on Facebook and stuff," Carter said. "I just thought they was going to kill him."

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Johnson was less forthcoming with investigators, but police finally drew conclusions about how two people were shot at the Pegasus Parade. "I think what happened, is you went up there and you took a big stick and you hit a hornets nest, thinking you would come out the winner. But you realized there was more [gang] guys than you realize and then you found yourself in a little bit of trouble," one officer said to Johnson. 

Ultimately, police made a final plea to Carter to avoid the gang lifestyle. "You may think it's glamorous to walk around with guns and sling some drugs and stuff like that. The real world is, you don't retire. You don't make it to old age. You get shot in the head and you bleed and you die out."

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Carter and Johnson are both charged with assault, wanton endangerment, receiving a stolen firearm, possession of a handgun and fleeing
or evading police on foot. Carter is also charged with trafficking marijuana, less than eight ounces.

Both teens are scheduled for a pretrial hearing on Sept. 29. They are being held in the Jefferson County Youth Center.

A 17-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl were shot at the 60th Pegasus Parade on May 5; their injuries were not considered life-threatening.

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