Teddy Bridgewater will get support from his Louisville family, the Kurowskis

Teddy Bridgewater will get support from his Louisville family, the Kurowskis

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Teddy Bridgewater's knee injury on Tuesday hit many UofL fans hard, but the hardest hit may have been the Louisville family that Teddy is closest to.

UofL director of equipment operations Mike Kurowski, his wife, Valerie, and their two sons, Garyt and Madden.

Teddy even mentioned them in his post game comments on August 12, after the Vikings preseason win at Cincinnati.

"It was great, I got to see little Garyt and Madden Kurowski, that's my old equipment manager at Louisville, Mike Kurowski and his wife, Valerie. they came up to support and they've been huge supporters since I was at Louisville," Bridgewater said.

The day before, Teddy used uber to ride down to Louisville to visit the boys.

"I laughed about it, I'm like why did you uber it," Mike Kurowski said. "We would have had no problem coming to get you, he was like, no, it's no big deal."

He has taken an interest in Garyt and Madden, since surprising Garyt in 2013. "He surprised my son out at his school for actually, today, his birthday," Kurowski said. "The day before we were getting ready to play Ohio, and since then they've always been really close."

They've stayed in touch, even after Teddy left UofL for Minneapolis in 2013. "It's never, when he calls or texts, it's never I need this or I need that," Mike said. "It's always, how is the family? How's Valerie? How's Garyt? How's Madden? Stuff like that."

The Kurowski's are making some cards and planning to send a care package to Teddy. Mike said the boys never seemed worried after hearing about the injury, they know he'll bounce back.

"He'll be back and I think he'll be stronger than ever, just the way that the competitive spirit that he is," Kurowski said.

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