West End Walmart plans remain on hold

West End Walmart plans remain on hold

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - After two years of complications, residents of Louisville's West End will be forced to continue to wait for the finalized plans of the Walmart.

In March of 2015, preservationists had fought Walmart and the city on the store's proposed design, calling for a design with more urban integration. A lawsuit on the matter was dismissed by Judge Olu Stevens and currently sits in the court of appeals waiting for a final ruling.

The Budget Committee was set to vote on an ordinance to grant $250,000 to build a shelter for a bus stop in front of the proposed Walmart on Thursday, but the meeting was quickly sidetracked after the county attorney advised any action involving Walmart should cease, until the pending ligation is resolved.

The announcement caused serious frustration among council members who have been working toward bringing Walmart to the food desert of West Louisville for two years.

"While lawyers wait on briefs, my people, my family, my community wait on goods and services and conveniences," said Councilwoman Jessica Green, who represents District 1.

The frustration also resulted in questioning of Councilman Kelly Downard who admittedly had been involved in trying to separately reach a negotiation without the County Attorney's Office so the Walmart project could move forward.

"Our own council, council member tried to negotiate that with the representative party, I think there are some issues with that," Council President David Yates said.

"Don't ever say that until you know all the facts," replied Downard.

Ultimately the council decided to hold off on any plans involving Walmart until pending litigation has been resolved but Yates said he did have some fear walmart would have some hesitation about developing in downtown Louisville.

"Yes I have a fear that could potentially happen we'll do everything we can to make sure the business and developers know we want Louisville to be a place they do business," said Yates.

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