WAVE 3 Sunrise 'Morning Glory' Choir Contest

Online voting was combined with the judges' choices and weighted equally. The points from the online voting were averaged with studio judging for a final score to determine the winner.

Our judges picked the following choirs as winners in the three categories:
Musical Performance: St. Gabriel
Stage Performance: Down By The Wayside
Vocals: Rock of Ages

After almost 700 votes online, here are the results:
Down By The Wayside -- 29.37%
Fresh Anointing -- 4.58%
Graceland Baptist -- 27.08%
Greater Friendship -- 3.15%
Levitical Praise Of Kentuckiana -- 14.61%
Rock of Ages -- 3.44%
St. Gabriel -- 17.77%

Online voting points were awarded as follows:

  • First Place: 30 points
  • Second Place: 25 points
  • Third Place: 20 points
  • Fourth Place: 15 points

Congratulation to Down By The Wayside, the overall winner in the Morning Glory contest!