Eastern Parkway Project: What you need to know

Eastern Parkway Project: What you need to know

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Starting in November, the Louisville Water Company will begin a three year project to replace one of the company's oldest water mains.

The water main under Eastern Parkway was built in the 1920s is no stranger to problems. In 2011, the water main broke causing 70 million gallons of water to spill. Most recently, it burst again in 2014, causing water to pour over Tyler Park. 

"It really really needs to be repaired," Louisville Water Company spokeswoman Kelly Dearing Smith said. "We've had three very large breaks in the past five years. We used robotic technology to inspect the pipe and what we found led us to what we're doing."

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Instead of digging up all of Eastern Parkway, the Louisville Water Company will work on sections of the project at a time, putting a small pipe inside the original water main, a process called slip lining. 

The water main runs along Eastern Parkway and will be fixed in three phases from Grinstead Drive to Winkler Avenue. 

The first phase will kick off in the Tyler Park area. Detour information will be updated on the Louisville Water Company website.

The project will be completed in April of 2019 and will cost about $25 million. Customers will not lose water during the process. 

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