Louisville could score big NCAA games

Louisville could score big NCAA games
Louisville Sports Commission President Karl Schmitt (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Louisville Sports Commission President Karl Schmitt (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - One state's loss could be Louisville's gain.

"We'd like to be there for them and it's good business for us," Louisville Sports Commission President Karl Schmitt said on Wednesday.

The ACC will pull its league championships, big games like the football title game and the women's basketball tournament, out of North Carolina as soon as this academic year. The decision comes just days later the NCAA said its moving some championship games too. It's a reaction to House Bill 2- which some say allows for discrimination against the LGBT community in the state.

So where could some of those games go? Louisville's Sports Commission president has an idea.

"Immediately that evening on Monday we reached out to the NCAA to figure out what the process is," Schmitt said.

The wheels are in motion, talks with Spalding, Bellarmine and UofL to see what NCAA events they can feasibly host. Then, the bidding begins.

"Getting an event, getting any kind of ACC Championship would be huge," Schmitt said.

Schmidt said it's not just about the millions and millions of dollars that Louisville would score, but it also places the city on the map for huge sporting events.

He believes that with UofL's facilities, the city is ready for it.

"When you build that foundation and, and set the stage for things, many times good things happen," he said.

So here are some of the games that the commissioner said would make the most sense for Louisville to host:
- Division 3 men's and women's soccer at Spalding University.  
- Division 1 women's soccer at UofL
- Division 1 men's basketball, the first and second round. Schmitt said there is a possibility that it could conflict with university hosting women's basketball at the same time.

As for hosting any ACC championships he said UofL is aggressive - but time will tell.

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