6 years after Louisville mother vanished, family still looking for answers

6 years after Louisville mother vanished, family still looking for answers

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) -  A somber rainy day in September proved fitting for a Louisville family marking the six-year anniversary of the day their loved one, a mother of four, went missing from her neighborhood near Churchill Downs.

"It has been six years now and no word, nothing," Beverly Steitz, mother of then-48-year-old Debbie Lucas said.

Other than a few early leads, the case involving Lucas is cold. The problem was, when Lucas disappeared, hardly anyone was talking.

Six years later, her family hopes someone who knew something has had a change of heart.

Steitz held out a notebook full of dates and times. "When she went missing," she turned the pages, "I've got all the names of the detectives I talked to."

For years, Beverly Steitz logged every single call with Louisville Metro Police and every call not returned in the disappearance of her daughter.

"She was a good loving girl, she really was and she loved those children," Steitz said.

Lucas had a good job until she started dating the wrong man and developed a drug habit, her mother told WAVE 3 News. "They got her started with the drugs and it just seemed to take her right on down to where she didn't care anymore."

Lucas was last seen getting into a dark car with a man near her home at 4th and M Streets on September 26, 2010. In the past 6 years, her mother has come to accept what likely happened to her.

"She would call me at least once or twice a day and she would call the kids, each one of them at least once or twice a day. So not hearing from her for six years now, I don't think she's with us anymore."

Steitz cannot accept not knowing any details about what happened to her daughter, not to mention knowing that someone likely got away with murder.

"Every night, it's the same prayer," she explained. "It's that someone that knew what happened that night would step forward now and just
come clean and tell us exactly what happened or give us some kind of lead or information. Just not knowing is the hard part."

Police are calling the case cold, but it's still under investigation. They are encouraging anyone who didn't want to say something six years ago, but may have changed their mind now, to provide anonymous tips. They can do so by calling 574-LMPD (5673).

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