VIDEO: Masked man with ax harasses driver

Masked man with ax harasses driver

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Halloween season is often a time for pranks, but a Louisville woman was not amused when she saw something frightening in Okolona.

Tiffany Sims said she was driving through her neighborhood on Vanguard Drive and noticed a masked man with an ax Tuesday night. She drove by a second time, a few minutes later, and saw him again. The second time around she captured him on her cellphone. The clip shows the man approaching her car with what appears to be a real ax.

"I see a person in the middle of the road with an ax," Tiffany Sims said. "He has a mask on and it's the Jason mask."

Sims said it was not staged.

"I took the video in case the police needed proof for anything, also to show my neighbors," said Sims. "It was intimidating. It wasn't the most pleasant thing to see so close to home, in your safe space."

Sims said at one point the masked man with the ax chased her car. That's what scared her.

"Everyone is on edge because of these clown sightings, and then you see someone in a mask. You don't know what their intention is," said Sims.

Sims believes the masked man was a neighborhood kid and just wanted to harass people. She stayed calm, but she can't help but think of all of things that could have gone wrong.

"His actions could have had a chain reaction," said Sims. "He doesn't know what I'm capable of. I could very easily have a weapon in my vehicle. I could have used my vehicle as a weapon."

Sims hopes whoever the masked man is realizes that he could be the victim of a frightening outcome.

"I know that it's Halloween," said Sims.  "Everybody wants to prank people and be in the spirit which is fine an dandy. But, if you are using a weapon to do so, is it worth it?"

WAVE 3 News did show the video to police. They said a person can be charged with menacing for something like this.

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