Being a clown isn't funny anymore

Being a clown isn't funny anymore
A person driving by showed a gun to the clowns and yelled "I'm watching you."
A person driving by showed a gun to the clowns and yelled "I'm watching you."
Pizzle the clown
Pizzle the clown
Choppo the clown
Choppo the clown
Chubz the clown
Chubz the clown

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The creepy clown backlash is in the news or in our lives every day now.

Ronald McDonald has to lie low.

Clown masks were targeted for elimination by Target.

During rivalry week against Manual High School, Male High School outlawed clown costumes.

Clowns have become public enemy No. 1.

Creepy clowns have been terrorizing America for months, even though there aren't many confirmed reports of them doing anything terrible outside of chasing, yelling or staring at people. The arrests started in Middlesboro, Kentucky, when a guy was wearing a clown mask and crouching in the woods.

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"We go out, dress in our clown suits, show people not all clowns are bad and we love people," Chubz the clown told WAVE 3 News. "We don't hate people; want to show people happiness."

"What's not cool about it?" Choppo the clown asked. "You're different. Instead of all the basic people walking around doing basic stuff, we're different."

It's tough enough being a common clown around town these days let alone being the scary-looking clowns WAVE 3 News talked to on Bardstown Road recently.

"Yeah I look scary," Choppo said. "I want you to be scared. There ain't no fun in it if I can't run up on you and you don't scream."

Most people don't know there is a sea of people around Louisville who put on costumes and try to look like a creepy clown. But they're different than the ones making news.

"We just like being different, like putting on a mask, act a different way, entertain people, make people happy," Pizzle the clown said. "We're out here in broad daylight on Bardstown Road, down a busy street, taking pictures, waving to people, taking pics with kids, not trying to hurt anybody."

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They're Juggalos, inspired long ago by the Insane Clown Posse, and they can't go anywhere these days without getting grief.

"We were walking down the road, someone come by and said, 'I hope you get beat up,'" Choppo said. "Why, because we're dressed as a clown?"

Added Chubz: "I'm only 14 right now. I could get shot and be on the news the next day just because I'm wearing a clown suit."

The youngster wasn't kidding. Minutes after the clowns were asked to walk around Bardstown Road so WAVE 3 News could gauge reaction, a driver slowed down and showed them a handgun.

"Oh look, we just got a gun pulled on us," Pizzle said. "He just pulled a gun on us."

The guy who pulled the gun on Choppo, Pizzle and Chubz yelled, "I'm watching you" as he drove by.

"That's definitely a first," Pizzle said. "Unbelievable."

The scariest thing to be this year around Halloween is a clown.

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