House Speaker Ryan stops in Southern Indiana to rally for Hollingsworth

House Speaker Ryan stops in Southern Indiana to rally for Hollingsworth

CLARK COUNTY, IN (WAVE) –  One week before the election, the U.S. House Speaker came to Southern Indiana in support of the republican candidate in a close congressional race.

Speaker Paul Ryan joined a rally for Trey Hollingsworth on Tuesday at the Clark Regional Airport.

This has been a very divisive election season. Paul Ryan has been vocal about the fact that he is not always on board with republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, but on Tuesday the message was about unity of the Republican party and how Indiana has a major role.

"Folks, we need to bring more Indiana to Washington and less Washington to Indiana," Rep. Todd Young said.

In the close battle over Young's 9th District seat, as he vies for the senate, Ryan made a stop in hopes of giving Trey Hollingsworth a nudge over democratic candidate Shelli Yoder.

"Do you want a liberal college professor who is out there stumping for Hillary Clinton?" Ryan asked voters. "Or do you want somebody who has created hundreds of Hoosier jobs?"

Russell Brooksbank (L)
Shelli Yoder (D)
Trey Hollingsworth (R)

Hollingsworth said he is focused repairing the tax code, fixing what he calls failed foreign policies and limiting government oversight.

"We need business sense in Washington, because politicians making policies have only gotten us to this anemic economy," Hollingsworth said.

Values, Ryan said he shares.

"Trey Hollingsworth shares our values," Ryan said. "Trey Hollingsworth has to win this seat so we can make good on these principles. Trey Hollingsworth is in keeping with who the 9th district needs and wants to represent them."

Hollingsworth said if he is elected, and so is Hillary Clinton, his job remains the same.

"That's what I have committed to do, no matter who wins the presidency," Hollingsworth said. "I obviously hope it is going to be Donald Trump, so he signs the legislation needed to fix this country."

While Ryan did not mention Trump by name, he left supporters with this message. "We're offering a better way. That is why Trey Hollingsworth is going to be your next United States Congressman and Todd Young is going to be your United States Senator, and we are going to win everything including the White House," Ryan said.

Yoder, a Bloomington native, has not slowed down either during the final days leading up to the election.

In hopes of reaching any undecided voters, she has a message on her Facebook page. There you will also see her response to some of the latest attack ads.  
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