No 'I Voted' stickers for some

No 'I Voted' stickers for some

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – It's an election pastime for many – posing proudly with an "I Voted" sticker on election day. Some businesses across the country even offer discounts for wearing the sticker on that deciding day in November.

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But 20 years ago, the Jefferson County Board of Elections decided against the stickers. The problem wasn't handing the stickers out, according to Jefferson County Clerk's Office Director of Public Relations Nore Ghibaudy – it was cleaning them up.
"Polling locations that we have throughout the city of course are schools, fire stations, they were libraries, and they were churches," Ghibaudy said, "and they would end up on the sidewalk, on the windows, on the walls, on the brick, throughout the parking lot."

Ghibaudy said the clerk's office would end up having to send staff to clean up the stickers, costing the tax payers money and upsetting the polling places who so graciously volunteered to give up their space for voters.
"I think everybody and every American should be proud that they voted," Ghiabaudy said, "I don't think they need a sticker to prove that."
Kentucky does however allow ballot selfies, according to the Attorney General's office. After a request from Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes the AG's office released the following ruling:

"Kentucky law does not prohibit a voter from taking a 'ballot selfie.' However, taking a picture for the purpose of identifying another voter in the voting room violates KRS 117.236 and communicating support or nonsupport of a candidate, party, or measure on the ballot in the voting room may violate KRS 117.235. Thus, we advise voters to exercise caution in the practice of taking a 'ballot selfie.'"

Ballot selfies are not permitted in Indiana.

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