Neighbor mails man typed letter laced with hate

Neighbor mails man typed letter laced with hate

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville man received a hate-fueled letter in the mail from an anonymous sender.

The man received the typed letter Monday; he lives in the area near Smyrna and Cooper Chapel roads.

The letter, addressed "Hi Neighbor," starts off harmlessly with a point about how "our community is working on a drug free neighborhood."

Then the letter takes a different turn:

"The most important thing is for our children to grow up in a pure white Christian environment," it reads. "It's not clear why you would have a N**** B**** in your house. We believe all races should be separate in the United States of America."

"We need you to take action and correct these issues as soon as possible," the end of the letter read. "Have a good day. Thank you."

The letter is not signed. The man who received it shared it on his Facebook page. WAVE 3 News spoke to his mother, but the family declined to talk on camera about it. They said they are outraged someone would send such a letter. The mother of the man who got the letter said her son contacted LMPD.

Neighbors who spoke to WAVE 3 News said the neighborhood is diverse. That's why they said the letter is shocking.

"The letter indicates that that's a neighbor, one of my neighbors," neighbor Kimm Hudson said. "It indicates someone has been watching who comes and goes and that doesn't make me feel comfortable. I've got two kids."

The mother of the man who got the letter told me his girlfriend is African-American.

"I would be nervous if that was me who got the letter," Hudson said. "I would be frightened."

Hudson also said she wants her neighbor to know that the letter he received does not reflect the opinions of others on the street.

"Your neighbors support you," she said. "Don't let the actions of one count for the rest of us. Ignorance, that's what it all boils down to."

WAVE 3 News knocked on several doors in the neighborhood. No one else was aware of any other residents getting any similar letters. Police said in a case like this, a person who sends such a letter could face harassment charges.

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