Police interviews detail gruesome double murder of brothers

Police interviews detail gruesome double murder of brothers
Larry Ordway, 14, and Maurice Gordon, 16.
Brice Rhodes (Source: LMDC)
Brice Rhodes (Source: LMDC)
Jacorey Taylor (Source: James Thomas/WAVE 3 News)
Jacorey Taylor (Source: James Thomas/WAVE 3 News)
Anjuan Carter (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Anjuan Carter (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – New details are being released after two teenage brothers were stabbed, burned and dumped in the backyard of an abandoned house.

The condition of two teens' bodies even shocked the first officers to arrive. 

"They were dead, dumped here and then set on fire," one officer is heard saying on body cam video.

Louisville Metro Police Department homicide detectives poured in, quickly getting to their prime suspect, Brice Rhodes.

Rhodes was arrested on outstanding warrants.

"We are looking for two missing kids and we don't know, we heard you might know where they might be," a Louisville Metro Police detective said while questioning Rhodes. "You close to these kids at all?"

"Uh...They cool," Rhodes responded. "We play basketball. I'm cool with a lot of people."

Rhodes and then 17-year-old Jacorey Taylor both deny they killed brothers Larry Ordway, 14, and Maurice Gordon, 16, in May during interrogation videos.

"Wish I could help, knew where they was, you know," Rhodes told the detective.

The next day, police brought in Taylor. 

"OK. Let me ask you a question," the detective said. 

"If I knew, I would tell you everything. I don't know nothing. This is killing me," Taylor said.

Taylor said he was friends with the brothers and denied helping Rhodes carry out the crime.

Detective: Would you take a polygraph? 
Taylor: What's that?
Detective: It's a lie detector test.
Taylor: Lie detector test. I mean. It doesn't matter.
Detective: It does matter. You've got to understand something here. It does matter.

But then, detectives get to Anjuan Carter, 15.

At the beginning of his interrogation, Carter is seen singing and biting his nails.

"You're a 15-year-old kid who got wrapped up in something that you shouldn't have gotten wrapped up in," LMPD Homicide Sgt. John Lesher told him.

Carter first states the brothers stole money from Rhodes because the teens ate food every two days. He later told detectives the teens had also been witness to another murder he said Rhodes committed – Christopher Jones.

He said they all were over at Rhodes' apartment when the murders occurred and he witnessed Rhodes kill the two brothers starting with Gordon.

The teen then described Rhodes tying the brothers up.

"He put a toboggan over his head and a rag in his mouth and then he stabbed him repeatedly," Carter said. "He had Maurice on his knees, and beg for forgiveness."

Carter then told Lesher Rhodes made him stab one of the victims and he made Taylor stab the other victim.

The teen said once they were dead, he and Taylor stayed behind to clean up the apartment. He said Rhodes took the bodies in totes and seemed to brag about how he disposed of them.

"He sat there and watched them burn," Carter said.

"Did he pour something on them?" Lesher asked.

"He said he got some gas I guess," Carter said.

The interrogation ends with Carter crying and hiding under the interrogation desk.

Rhodes, Taylor and Carter are all charged in Ordway and Gordon's deaths. Taylor and Carter are both being tried as adults.

Rhodes told the detectives at one time he dated the boys' mother, but said he knew nothing about their whereabouts or what may have happened to them. He eventually asked for a lawyer.

Rhodes' bond remains at $1 million.

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