Man arrested for animal cruelty

Man arrested for animal cruelty
James White (Source: LMDC)
James White (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville man was arrested after officers found three dogs in conditions deemed to be unfit.

James White, 40, was arrested after an LMPD officer noticed a male Pit bull dog tied to a chain link fence. The officer observed the dog had a large log chain wrapped around its neck and its mid section.

The LMPD officer called for another officer, and together, they determined the log chain wrapped around the dog is a commonality found among dog fighters to strengthen the muscles of the dog.

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Officers then observed fresh and old wounds on the dogs head, neck, and front legs, indicating the animal had been used for dog fighting.

The officers then found two other female dogs in the yard. Both animals were underweight, with bones in their hips and ribs showing. Both female animals were enclosed and were living in their own feces, the arrest slip states.

The two officers removed the animals from the home and took them to Metro Animal Services.

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The two officers waited for approximately two hours for two male subjects to arrive at the house. Officers made contact with White, who had a key to the home.  Immediately, White told officers he was not allowed to be around dogs, and that he had gotten into trouble recently with animal cruelty. White also told police that if he was around dogs, he could go to jail for a year or more.

Police also made contact with another man, Antonio Hawkins, who said he was the owner of the animals and had been keeping them at another location, but moved them to this location to watch the animals while he performed repairs on the home.

Hawkins told police that one of the female dogs had just had puppies, but he had already sold them.

The condition of all three dogs indicate dog fighting and breeding with the intent to fight, the arrest report states.

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