Indiana sisters raffle their Hatchimals to help Gatlinburg fire victims

Indiana sisters raffle their Hatchimals to help Gatlinburg fire victims

SEYMOUR, IN (WAVE) – Two young girls from Seymour are raising money for Gatlinburg fire victims by giving up one of this season's more popular toys.

Six-year-old Daelyn Freese and 10-year-old Lariah Neal's grandmother, Kimberly Steltenpohl, managed to purchase two Hatchimals for her girls.

The toys are a popular item this Christmas and sold out in stores. However, the 6-year-old and 10-year-old sisters couldn't bear to keep the toys after they saw the wildfire devastation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

"There was a great fire," Freese said."  "It burned all the houses and they have nowhere to live. They don't have anything to drive with."

The wildfires killed 14 people and damaged or destroyed more than 1,700 structures.

In an effort to help, the sisters are raffling off their Hatchimals. They will give all the money to the Red Cross. The toys will go to the raffle winners.

"We have lots of toys and they have nothing," Neal said. "We wanted to give them some stuff so they can at least get back on their feet." Neal said.

"I mean to have children that would give up their toy that everybody wants, you know it's just spectacular," Steltenpohl said.

The sisters have raised more than $500 so far, but they're hoping to collect a lot more. "At least enough for everybody to go back and get a house," Neal said.

The raffle winners will be announced December 20 at The Tribune.

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