Man catches package thief on security camera

Updated: Dec. 10, 2016 at 10:26 AM EST
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LEXINGTON, KY (LEX 18/WAVE) - As it gets closer to Christmas, a homeowner is warning others about those crooks who believe it's better to receive than give.

Hiding in a high, dark corner of Steve Good's Lexington porch, a security camera is always rolling. It's ready for whatever may come to the door.

"Just out of the corner of my eye I noticed somebody coming up the sidewalk, and my first assumption was he was going to sell something and I was going to actually ignore him," Good said.

Good couldn't ignore this visitor, as the cameras showed him running away with $200 worth of Christmas gifts recently delivered.

When the man came back to grab more packages, Good was waiting at the front door.

"He tries to get cool with me and ask me if I know where somebody lived, which I knew that wasn't the case," Good said. "I told him I can see my packages, you need to give them back."

Good said he got all but one of the packages back, as the thief threw them out his car window while speeding off.

He was also able to make note of the man's license plate number along with the shirt he was wearing.

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"When I looked a little closer, it's the University of Kentucky College of Social Work sweatshirt, and that's not a t-shirt you're going to buy at Walmart," he described.

Good said making this public isn't about getting his last package back, it's about making sure others keep theirs.

"If he steals this, he's going to get some kid's Christmas present and they're not going to have Christmas," said Good.

Lexington police say they know who the man in the video is and he's no stranger to them. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Here are some tips to keep your packages safe:

- You can get a security camera and make sure it's set up at eye level so you can see a person's face.

- Pick up your package at your local post office.

- Use signature confirmation.

- Have it delivered to your workplace.

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