CAUGHT ON CAM: Tire slashing suspect hits Louisville neighborhood

CAUGHT ON CAM: Tire slashing suspect hits Louisville neighborhood

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Residents in the Wilder Park area are at a loss after months criminal mischief. A couple living off of 2nd Street and Evelyn Avenue said the tires on their car have been slashed dozens of times for the last several months.

"I'm just scared. I don't know who it is. I just want it to stop," said Chelsea, who's last name we are withholding for her safety.

Chelsea and her fiance moved to Louisville from Florida for a job opportunity. But since moving into their Beechmont home in July, the tire slashing started. At least a dozen times, they've woken up to all four car tires completely flat. The problem isn't just scary and inconvenient. It's expensive.

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"We've had to take Ubers," Chelsea said, "we take those back and forth to work it's costing me hundreds of dollars in Ubers back and forth to work and cameras and everything."

Not to mention, she said they've spent thousands in brand new tires.

"I'm just emotionally, financially drained," said Chelsea. "I don't know where else to turn."

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Finally, the couple caught a person on camera slashing all four tires and running away. Now, they're asking for your help.

"I'm hoping that somebody will recognize this person and do the right thing and come forward because this is ridiculous it has to stop," Chelsea said. "Everybody has to be aware, anyone could be the next victim. It's sad."

Louisville Metro Police have several reports from these incidents on file. If you have any information call 574-LMPD (5673).

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