Neighbors want hunting near their homes to stop

Neighbors want hunting near their homes to stop

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A group of neighbors near the Pennsylvania Run Golf Course at the southern edge of Jefferson County say for years a group of hunters have made them feel unsafe in their own homes. The hunters say they are just trying to keep the geese population at the golf course down.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife says the group can hunt on the golf course if they have permission from the owner and are being safe.

Susie Druyr's family owns the Pennsylvania Run Golf Course and says the hunters are helpful to them. They control the geese and Druyr says the animals are typically troublesome.  

Todd Young lives on Oreland Mill Road next to the golf course. Young and his neighbors say anything could happen when guns are being fired close to their homes.  "It's the safety of it being literally about a hundred yards from my house," Young said.

Young says for the last four years, starting on Thanksgiving, he and neighbors like Matt Brooks have watched groups of hunters come onto the Pennsylvania Run Golf Course and hunt geese and duck.
"But what they don't understand is that there are people who live here and we have a life here," Brooks said. 

Various neighbors on the block have contacted the golf course and law enforcement and say it has not stopped.

Scott Herndon, a spokesman for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, says they are aware of the hunters.  He added that it is legal to hunt in the area if it is done in a safe and ethical way.

"They are running a business and we are just trying to control the population," said William Peabody, who started the group of hunters.

Peabody says the owners agreed because the geese cause a mess on the golf course and the population can get out of control.

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Peabody and other hunters have been confronted by the neighbors about stopping the hunt.

"We have tried to accommodate these people by not hunting in the morning because they are complaining that we are waking them up," Peabody said.

Peabody says his group of hunters are experienced and do not shoot towards the neighborhood. Neighbors said they moved to the area not expecting to deal with guns being fired near their homes.

"If you want to hunt, go hunt knock yourself out. But there are appropriate places to do that. This is a residential area," Rick Metcalf, another neighbor, said.

Herndon says he can understand the neighbors' frustration but the hunters are not breaking any laws.

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