University of Louisville's budget shortfall affects law school

University of Louisville's budget shortfall affects law school

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Budget shortfalls at the University of Louisville are starting to have a direct impact on students. This week, student employees for the Brandeis School of Law were let go.

University officials say the law school is letting student employees go to address the budget shortfall from the 2016-2017 school year.

The University is facing a $48 million deficit for the 2017-2018 year and enacted a university-wide hiring freeze to address that number.

"I no longer have a part time job, it's just terrible," Courtney Groszhans  said.

Groszhans is a U of L Law Student and worked as a student employee at the Law School's Library.

"It's my only source of income and so to be told I'd be suspended until further notice is very disheartening," Groszhans said.

This week, the law school enacted a student employment freeze to address budget issues.

John Karman with the University of Louisville says all departments were asked to find ways to address the shortfall. The law school cut jobs for students like Groszhans.

"That somehow I am paying for it by being suspended from my job because of the deficit that is incurred under their leadership." Groszhans said.

A leadership change at the law school is also concerning to students.

Karman said Interim Dean Susan Duncan's contract is up on June 30th.

Duncan announced to students on Wednesday she would not be the dean in the 2017-2018 school year.

Karman says there is a search for a new law school dean, but students still do not know who will lead their school in the next school year.

"As a student, we have been really involved in trying to do the best we can and we are paying people here," student David Casi said. "It's a public university and we think our questions should be answered."

Law school faculty sent a letter to students addressing their concerns on student services and the search process. It said in part:

"We take our cue from Dean Duncan, a respected and caring leader. We know that we can count on her to make a smooth transition to new leadership."

"In light of current budgetary information from the Provost, there should be no cuts in student services, including research assistant positions and work-study opportunities."

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