Sign in Old Louisville home's window raising concern

Sign in Old Louisville home's window raising concern

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There's something in one Louisville woman's window that's causing concern.  She just recently moved to Old Louisville and said she's had it for years and never had any issues before.

It's a small sign that reads "For Rent To Colored".  Some in the neighborhood say it sends a wrong message.

"Old Louisville is probably the most diverse neighborhood in the city," longtime Old Louisville resident and chair of the Old Louisville Neighborhood Council, Howard Rosenberg said.

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"It hurts me," Old Louisville resident, Leon Bizzelle, said. "It's offensive whether you are black or white."

So, who put it up? WAVE 3 News tagged along with Community Activist Christopher 2X on Sunday.

A woman answered the door but slammed it shut when she saw our camera. She agreed to talk to 2X off camera and explained that the sign is a piece of memorabilia. She told 2X that the house isn't for rent.  She explained that she moved to Old Louisville 7 weeks ago and has posted the sign in her window in other cities she's lived in without a problem.

"She's a black female," 2X said. "She says she's from the east coast and that's she's an educator and the sign is no more than a sarcastic gesture. I told her it's provoking some emotions."

We tried to talk to the homeowner on Monday but, no one answered.

People say memorabilia or not, they don't know who lives in the house and they don't know their intention.

"In this day and time, it's really inappropriate," Rosenberg said.

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"Doesn't matter, it's offensive," Bizzelle said.

"I'm glad that people are saying they don't like what it says," said Rosenberg. "I'm glad that they are standing up and saying I'm offended by that."

The homeowner told 2X that she found out someone had a problem with her sign when she got on the Next Door app. She said if someone has an issue with the sign, they should come to her directly.

But, some folks told WAVE 3 News they wouldn't feel comfortable knocking on a random person's door.

WAVE 3 News reached out to Develop Louisville which focuses on the full range of land development activities. A spokesman said since the sign is not really advertising anything and it's inside the home, they have turned it over to the county attorney's office for review.

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