Madison day care under probation after worker's arrest

Madison day care under probation after worker's arrest
Joseph Hook (Source: ISP)
Joseph Hook (Source: ISP)

MADISON, IN (WAVE) – A day care has been placed on probation after a worker was charged with four counts of child molestation.
Joseph Hook was taken into custody on March 17. He worked for his wife, Amanda Hook, at one of three facilities that she owns.

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration confirmed Joseph Hook was the primary caregiver in one of the facilities registered under Amanda Hook. 
His arrest leaves several questions for parents around Madison, such as what's next for the three day cares? At this point, the three licenses that belong to Amanda Hook are not in jeopardy as she herself is not facing any charges.

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The location that had Joseph Hook as the primary care giver, is on probation until the end of July. However, FSSA spokesperson Marni Lemons said that doesn't necessarily mean trouble, just closer monitoring.
"They have to demonstrate that they are meeting their correction plan and their primary piece is that he is never to be present," Lemons said.
Darlisa Davis owns two other day cares in Madison that are not related in any way to Hook's day care. She said she wanted to share her story and educate parents through this incident.

The reason she decided to become a child caregiver more than two decades ago, is personal.
"My kids went during the summer to a lady, a friend's house and really cheap, I was a single parent, it was great for me," Davis said. "At the end of the summer she was arrested for child pornography and theft."
Shocked and hurt by her experience, she said she took things into her own hands and opened up a day care center. She said she wanted to provide a safe space for children.
"It's our job to protect them," Davis said. 
Davis said she would like parents to take a moment and research, before sending their child to any care facility.
"Numerous times, check and make sure that your child is comfortable," Davis said.

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She said that her heart goes out to everyone involved. 

"As a day care owner, if it's not true, I feel bad because it hurts the business, but thinking of the kids first, I am really appalled," Davis said.

It is unclear at this point if there are any children currently attending the Hook facility that is on probation. Joseph Hook will go before a judge in May and may face a jury trial in July.
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