Fresh Start Center for Men and Families opens in Louisville

Fresh Start Center for Men and Families opens in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A new facility is opening to the public to provide a variety of services for families.

Fresh Start Center for Men and Families will open to the public on Tuesday at 18th Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard. The center will offer services to aid people with technology, financial literacy, homeownership, school, faith, the court system and job searching.

Pamela Haines, the owner of Sweet Peaches, helped open the doors to the new facility. Haines was frustrated with what she saw from the windows of her restaurant.

"I landed at on 18th and Muhammad Ali not just to sell food, I landed on 18th and Muhammad Ali to lend a hand," Haines said. "I watched the kids go by dirty uniform clothes on, adults go by looking for employment and men go by wandering the streets."

Volunteers will help staff Fresh Start and offer free help. Haines also wants to also fight crime that she sees every day.

"What do people do when they are frustrated, they make wrong decisions," Haines said.

People can even get help on simple things, like the chance to wear clean clothes. There are washers and dryers at the facility for people to use.

"If I have on a clean shirt, I'm going to stand up and be proud," Haines said.

With inspirational words on chalk boards and pictures of Muhammad Ali, Haines is taking tips from The Greatest.

"I'm gonna float like a butterfly sting you like a bee," Haines said. "Before you know it, you'll be catching the bus out to UofL for two years, and after the second year you are going to buy yourself a car, and you are going to finish your bachelors and then you are going to get your masters."

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Haines knows the importance of education. She's working on her Ph.D. She tells people if she can do it so can you.

"You don't have to settle," Haines said. "We can teach them about hope, give them hope."

Haines said the facility was able to open through the help of The Cordish Companies, Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith, people in the community and loyal customers of Sweet Peaches.

The Fresh Start Center for Men and Families is located at 508 South 18th Street, Suite F4 in Louisville. It will be open to the public on Tuesday. It will operate Monday - Saturday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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