Louisville driver seeks answers after car damaged on city road

Louisville driver seeks answers after car damaged on city road

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville woman is facing hundreds of dollars in repair costs after driving down a city street. Recently, the city announced a major increase in road pavement spending to improve roads and reduce damage to city drivers. WAVE 3 News looked into how many damage claims were made over the years and how many resolved.

Judy Quinlan was driving down Ewing Avenue early in March. She hit a utility hole in the road. It was uncovered at the time and she took pictures and still has the damaged tire.

"What a chunk it took out of it," said Quinlan.

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Quinlan filed a claim, provided pictures and a list of repairs. On March 16th, she received a letter from the city acknowledging her report. On the same day, she also received another letter from a contracted vendor used by the city to investigate denying her claim.

"The street was unsafe there was a cap missing," Quinlan said. "If it were a grocery floor and someone slipped and fell isn't that still the grocery stores problem."

The mayor and Metro Council has increased spending on paving by $18.1 million in the last two years.

Newly paved roads are less susceptible to potholes. Ewing Avenue was freshly paved, but Quinlan says the missing cover and denied claim are leaving her out of hundreds of dollars.

"Do we have a service that is not fulfilling what they should be?" Quinlan said. "This is insurance for things that happen on the city's own streets,"

Since 2014, the city's Risk Management has received 657 claims. In the last three years 376 have been paid out, 152 closed without payment and 129 still being investigated.

Now, Quinlan is wondering how her case compares to the hundreds of others who have experienced damage driving on city streets

"It would be great to have anyone else come forward that has had the same problem," Quinlan said. "Maybe even hit the same hole that same day."

WAVE 3 News contacted Risk Management on March 27th to discuss Quinlan's case and has not heard back.

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