Jack Fry's Review

There are timeless classics, like a 1957 Thunderbird and Broadway's West Side Story.  And then there are classics that are timeless, akin to Jack Fry's Restaurant, an enduring exhibit of culinary mastery.  Jack Fry established his eatery in 1933.  Known around town as a rambling and gambling gentleman he had an affinity for amateur boxing and the ponies.  He was also known to conduct his bookmaking and bootlegging affairs discretely from "the back room."

Quaint is an understatement, but what Jack Fry's lacks in size, it compensates with big time atmosphere and unique historical ambience.   Hundreds of pictures line the walls, many featuring a crooner named, of all others, Jack Fry. What the walls at the Carnegie Deli are to New York and celebrities, Jack Fry's is to Louisville and some of its history.

You will have ample time when you walk in to Jack Fry's to check out all the sights because the chance of getting immediate seating (much like all the top Louisville restaurants) is slim at best.  Take this opportunity to a have a drink at the bar and browse around.  In fact, take a seat at the bar and dive into one of the incredible appetizers offered on the menu.  It is a rare occasion when the Foodboyz make a specific recommendation, but our choice here is definitively the shrimp and grits appetizer.

Your main course, whatever you choose, is going to, 'Hey, rock your palate'.  In 15 years of dining at Jack Fry's, not one time has there been disappointment.  Tip your hat to Shawn Ward, executive chef. His consistency and excellence put him in a league of the elite few.

Adding to an already superb gastronomic experience is the live music.  One gets the distinct feeling that The Rat Pack would have adopted Jack Fry's as their local hangout when passing through the River City.  Whether it is the classic jazz trio of Ray Johnson, David Wilson, and Ben Ingram (Tuesday thru Thursday) or jazz piano from Larry Kaelin and Muhamed Skopljak (Friday thru Sunday) you are getting an added treat.  And don't hesitate to request your favorite Sinatra tune.

Jack Fry's, a classic Louisville mainstay, repeatedly lives up to its renowned reputation.©

Jack Fry's, 1007 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40204  502.452.9244

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