Uptown Cafe Review

If twenty years worth of Bardstown Road restaurants were cast in a reality TV show, Uptown Cafe would be the million dollar survivor.  However, longevity is not what branded this restaurant "A Classic Gem", but rather the years of heart and soul poured into it.  WAIT A MINUTE: Isn't the beginning of this review identical to that of Cafe Metro's?  It is, and for good reason.  Nancy Shephard, owner of both Cafe Metro and Uptown Cafe, has maintained a level of excellence with two of Louisville bastions for dining.

Though positioning The Uptown Cafe on alternative eats may incite some controversy, its placement is justified by the exceptional fare offered and downscale affordability.

Main courses starting at well under ten dollars is just the beginning of the great value at Uptown Cafe.  This is one of the few places in Louisville where dining temperance is available as exhibited by the offering of several dishes in half portions.

Executive Chef Matt Weber's crafty menu, encompassing land and sea, will stir the temptation of almost every dinning whim from carnivores to vegans.  Several classics, including the grilled eggplant pita pizza, the Uptown burger, Salmon Croquette or the vegetarian stir-fry are mouthwatering and light on the pocketbook.  Creative salads (Asian Peanut Salad) and inventive appetizers (Black Bean Cakes) nearly round out the complete menu.  Rounding out the menu are the desserts, made in the kitchen at Cafe Metro . . . need we say more!

The atmosphere is upper scale casual.  Upon entering Uptown Cafe you are greeted with a long bar on one side and near floor to ceiling windows lining the other side. Each side with ample bar stools and tables.  Windows give Uptown a real cafe feel as the majority of the restaurant is exposed to Bardstown Road with large and numerous windows.  Several vintage posters adorn the limited wall space which adds a more intimate feel to the back dining room.  The main dining area is highlighted with a large round table that displays a medley of freshly baked desserts that tempts every dinner as they are seated.

Over the past several decades Nancy Shephard has made a tremendous contribution to Louisville's dining scene.  The high quality provided, outstanding service offered, and tireless dedication by Ms. Shephard earns double recognition from the foodboyz.©

Uptown Café, 1624 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205  502.458.4212

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