Henry Co neighbors feel 'lucky' despite tornado damage

Henry Co neighbors feel 'lucky' despite tornado damage

HENRY COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – Crews from the National Weather Service ruled that damage in Henry county was consistent with an EF-1 tornado.

Driving over Castle Highway between Eminence and Pleasureville, fields and farms hold scraps of barns and buildings destroyed from Wednesday's storm.

Those living along the road describe the damage much more lightly.

Jeremiah Goff spent his day helping his neighbor.

"I got lucky," Goff said.

The house he's at lost a newly built shed, had a barn collapse on truck and lost the roof of another barn into some nearby trees.

Still, Goff said other houses are worse.

"You look at the neighbor's house over there," Goff said. "It looks like it got shot by a shotgun."

He's pointing to the home of Bart Cissell.

"You know, I ain't never went through anything like this," Cissell said.

Hail has turned the back side of his home into a white wall resembling swiss cheese. Still, he also considers himself fortunate.

"You just feel more lucky that it didn't do more damage," Cissell said.

His hay barn was completely ripped apart by the storm, too.

"When you turn around and look at it, you go 'Wow, ok', but it could've been this barn, too," Cissell said, pointing to the barn his horses were in. "I would've been in a world of hurt."

Down the street, the tornado collapsed another barn and shredded a mobile home to pieces.

"I think it got maybe a bundle of shingles off my house," Goff said. "That's about it."

It's the caring neighbors that have really helped to make the storm seem more manageable.

"They've all called and checked on us. 'You know, what do you need? Can I help you," Cissell said. "You never think it's going to happen to you and then it does."

Emergency crews said they also consider themselves lucky. No one was hurt by the storm.

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