New addiction recovery home in New Albany seeking community assistance

New addiction recovery home in New Albany seeking community assistance

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) – Heroin use is increasing across the country, and so is the need for recovery homes. In New Albany, it is no different. A new facility is set to be the only recovery home for women in the city, but they need the community's help.

"I do believe people deserve second chances, third chances, fourth chances, or how every many it takes," Bridget Snelling-Growe said.

Snelling-Growe is passionate about helping addicts find recovery.

"I have a daughter that lost her life from drug use," Snelling-Growe said.

She is now on the Executive Board of a new recovery home for women, the Breakaway.

"There is no other place in New Albany for women with drug and alcohol problems," Lisa Livingston said.

Livingston is the mastermind behind the Breakaway on Spring Street. She is a former addict, and has worked through zoning approvals and protesting neighbors to find a home.

"But that's ok, because this house is a much better house," Livingston said. "Everything has fell together it's been really smooth."

The Breakaway is accepting applications, and before all the women move in they hope to raise $150,000 through yard sales and donations.

"To keep the lights on and keep it up and running until the women get in here and get jobs, then the money will start coming in," Livingston said.

The Breakaway needs a starting point and some help from the community.

The house is missing appliances and the kitchen needs to be redone.

In order to house over 20 women, Bridget says her board will keep working so the Breakaway can prevent more lives lost to drug addiction.

"I really don't want any other parent to have to go through that," Snelling-Growe said. "I have witnessed several ladies and men go through recovery and get their lives back in order and be great members of society."

Livingston says the plan is to have six women living at the Breakaway by June.

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