Horse rescued in Trimble County abuse case in labor, others recover

Horse rescued in Trimble County abuse case in labor, others recover
Marlena Robinson (Source: Carroll County Detention Center)
Marlena Robinson (Source: Carroll County Detention Center)

BEDFORD, KY (WAVE) – 72 days after one of the worst horse abuse cases in Kentucky, the suspect in the crime pled guilty to animal cruelty.

Marlena Robinson won't spend any time in jail but will be forced to pay at least $19 thousand dollars in restitution and will no longer be able to own animals for at least two years.

The surviving horses are at Windy Meadows farm in La Grange. Back in February, many horses were skin and bones; 15 rabbits, 3 goats 19 horses dead.

13 other horses were rescued out in Trimble County

"This is a big change from what you saw on February 1," Ellie Troutman of Windy Meadows Farm said.

It has taken Months of round the clock care.

"It really was hour by hour for some of these horses," Troutman said.

The horses required specialized treatment as they fought starvation.

"You know one of the problems was them eating the bedding, the pine shavings," said Troutman. "This horse we didn't think would survive,"

These horses were once starving, infected with parasites and even feeding off each other, now they are thriving beyond anyone's expectations.

At least three of these horses pregnant when rescued. One foal now joins the ranks and two others are on the way.

"This is what we do..this is why we do it. You can't put a price on it. Really you can't The fact that they're thriving and survived. February 1-not sure that was going to happen," Troutman said.

Now that the court case is final, some of these horses will be adopted. A couple are heading as far as Chicago. These homes have been vetted to the extreme to make sure they're protected as best as possible.

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