Council member asks for $9 million to fight crime

Council member asks for $9 million to fight crime

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The violence in the city is spiking, while the crime wave is spreading. And now there's a $9 million dollar resolution for a solution.

"We are already short staffed on officers," Council Member Brent Ackerson, a Democrat representing District 26, said.

He wants the city to hire 100 more cops to help cover areas that don't see much violent crime but have seen a rise in nonviolent crime. Areas like parts of St. Matthews, Bon Air and Wellington in District 26 which have seen an 88% spike in auto thefts and a 14% increase in thefts since 2014.

"My staff is being pulled to triage the problems at the hot-spots which then thus leaves district 26 short staffed even more," Ackerson said.

Others said more needs to be done.

"Let's hire a police force and get a comprehensive plan to fight crime real tough," Councilman Robin Engel told us. He is a Republican representing District 22.

Engel said he's not opposed to hiring more officers and emphasized the council has always given the chief what he's asked for. But, he said a resolution for 9 million is not the way.

"A resolution is sort of like cheering for something that you hope is gonna happen," he told us.

Ackerson points to FBI statistics showing Louisville is short by more than 400 officers when compared to sister cities. And he said adding the extra 100 officers still wouldn't be enough.

"Ultimately the citizens of Louisville public safety is the ones paying the price for that," he said.

The issue is going to be discussed again on Wednesday during the next public safety committee meeting.

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