Sanders, Perez “Come Together and Fight Back” in Louisville

Sanders, Perez “Come Together and Fight Back” in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) had lines stretching down South 4th Street and the crowd on their feet inside the Louisville Palace Theater on Tuesday night.

The event was a part of Senator Sander's "Come Together and Fight Back" tour.

"Which side are you on?" Senator Sanders asked the crowd.

"Part of our struggles in November came from sort of a lack of party unity; you had sort of the left wing Sanders group, which I'm a part of, and then
the more traditional Democrats," Alex Stambaugh said.

The issue Stambaugh addressed is what Sanders is trying to change. His tour is targeting red and purple states. The goal is to focus on what he called grass roots activism targeting working families.

"Our job is to take the progressive message out into the world, go beyond our zone of comfort, start with working people," Sanders said. "And say, 'Do you really believe in who voted for Trump, who voted for Donald Trump, do you really believe in that America needs tax breaks for millionaires? Cuts for Medicare, Medicaid and public education?"

Sanders and Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez are traveling together on the tour.

"Donald Trump, we will lead the resistance and that's exactly what we're doing together," Perez said.

Sanders and Perez discussed hot button issues like healthcare and President Trump's budget. They believe more people in the country are on their same page.

"The progressive movement, the democratic party, working people … you know what folks, I accept that challenge," Perez said. "We have to articulate our values and put those values into action every day."

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"Our nation should be about everyone that lives in this nation not just a certain class or certain race it should be about everyone having an opportunity," Sarah Theimann said.

The Republican National Committee responded to the tour with the following quote"

"Tonight, DNC Chair Tom Perez and self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders brought their unhinged, profanity-laced roadshow to Louisville," said Chairwoman McDaniel. "Over the past few election cycles, Bluegrass voters have soundly rejected the job-killing, leftist policies espoused by Perez, Sanders, and the Democrat Party. Instead, voters have entrusted Republicans to apply conservative principles to lead Kentucky forward. The sideshow and failed liberal policies that were on display tonight will do nothing to change that."

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