LMPD Chief approaches reorganization deadline

LMPD Chief approaches reorganization deadline

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The deadline is up. It's now time for LMPD Chief Steve Conrad to show if his reorganization of the department is working. He is expected to present the information to members of the city's Public Safety Committee Monday afternoon.

"I am concerned that it's not working the way he planned on it to work," Councilman David James told us.

James worried when Chief Conrad cut flex platoons, detectives in plain clothes directed by their division major. Instead, the chief added 16 narcotics positions to battle drugs, which he calls the source of the city's violence. But, James says there's a problem.

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"We still have a high number of homicides and violence has not decreased," he said.

Numbers show that in the past six months, since the re-organization started, we've seen 70 homicides as of May 7th. There were 51 in the same time period the year before. Since the re-organization began November 1st, the city is averaging one shooting every 20 hours, a total of 218.

"I am going to be objective, I am going to listen to what the chief tells us," Councilwoman Angela Leet said.

Leet has called for Conrad to be removed as Chief and believes the Chief's update comes at a critical time.

"I am not opposed to coming at it from a different direction if what we see and what we're trying isn't working," Conrad testified before the committee in September after being prompted by Councilwoman Cheri Hamilton.

But in March, he was firm on his elimination of the flex platoons.

"I think that if we were to make any changes, it would be tweaks, I would not go backwards," Conrad told the committee.

Meanwhile, Leet says officers hands are being tied.

"I don't think they are being fully allowed to do what they are capable of doing," she said.

The bulk of the shootings and homicides have happened within three divisions, where many of the target hot spots lie.

The latest LMPD Comp Stat Report shows an overall decrease in some non violent crimes such as robbery, auto theft and overall theft compared to last year.

But, homicides, rape and aggravated assaults all saw increases.

The meeting begins Monday at 3:30.

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