Dealing with Headaches or Back Pain

Many patients who visit a chiropractor will complain of headaches or back pain. Unfortunately, patients sometimes will seek pharmaceutical remedies before visiting a chiropractor.

Taking a pill for back pain or headaches could be potentially masking a reoccurring condition that could be eliminated all together by just a few adjustments made by a chiropractor.

Also, patients may be experiencing more intense pain radiating through one leg or arm, shoulder or even into the foot. Rarely do people connect these types of pain with nerve endings located in the spine. A person may be suffering serious spinal misalignment or even disc bulges, causing that pain. Surgery may be the solution a person seeks, when chiropractic could possibly be a safer and less intrusive form of treatment.

Using massage or physical therapy in conjunction with chiropractic could prove to be beneficial for some patients, but neither is a substitute for chiropractic. Neither massage nor physical therapy actually goes in and realigns the spinal column.

If you are seeing a chiropractor for the first time, you will need to take into consideration that your spine is being physically moved and can cause minor tenderness, similar to exercising a body part that is not used to exercise.