As with all areas of the health, medical and fitness fields, chiropractic includes the use of technology to advance the field.

Thermagraphy is one of those advances used commonly by chiropractors. A small rolling device is placed at the base of a person's back, and the chiropractor then rolls the device up the spine to the top of the neck.

Instantly, the results appear on the computer screen.

Thermagraphy is measuring the level of heat being produced in the body. Those high levels of heat generally will correspond to the chief areas of complaint by the patient.

(you could take a still of the thermagraphy reading used in the commercial to show how the computer screen reads…it's a great visual aide)

Thermagraphy also can be used throughout adjustments, to show patients as they progress how the pain subsides, and the heat decreases…meaning there is less nerve irritation occurring.