Louisville dancers meet 'This is Us' star after being inspired by show

Louisville dancers meet 'This is Us' star after being inspired by show

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A group of Louisville dancers is sharing their friend's legacy through a dance inspired by a hit NBC show.

A team of dancers at 360 Dance in Louisville recently lost their friend and fellow teammate 20-year-old Amanda Morguelan to glioblastoma multiforme, (multiple brain tumors).

When Amanda passed in December of 2016, dance coach Greta Gulley was watching This Is Us, finding comfort in a similar story line.

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That's when a particular scene would stick with Gulley, and inspire a performance to honor Amanda's memory.

In the scene, Kevin, played by actor Justin Hartley, is comforting his nieces after they lost their grandfather to cancer. He shows them a painting and describes what he thinks life after death may look like.

"Just because someone dies and you cant see them or talk to them anymore doesn't mean they aren't there," Hartley said in the scene.

It's this line that stuck with Gulley. She choreographed a piece to the monologue and shared it with her team.

"It just came to life with Amanda passing and us trying to cope with our loss," Gulley said.

The team has been performing the dance for competitions and leaving crowds speechless, all while honoring their friend with every step.

"So every time we go out we just listen to the words and know that she's there" Sami Ladegast, 14, said.

The team wrote a letter to This is Us actor Justin Hartley to thank him for his performance that inspired their piece. To their surprise, he responded and said he wanted to meet them and learn about Amanda's story.

"We just wanted to thank him because he made such an impact in our life," Gulley said.

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During Hartley's visit for the Kentucky Derby, he met the team inside the Galt House Hotel. He took a photo with the girls and signed the painting, the prop used in their performance.

"We were just mind blown that he wanted to meet us and he seemed intrigued by our story," Abbey Kaufling, 13, said.

Hartley shared Amanda's story and the team's dance on Twitter. Since then, fellow costar Chrissy Metz has also responded, tweeting she was touched by the performance and honored to learn Amanda's story.

Her mom Barbara Morguelan said she's been overwhelmed by the response and grateful that her daughters legacy is being shared with people around the world

"She was tough she never gave up she went through chemo radiation immunotherapy drugs, said Barbara Morguelan. "She was a fighter."

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