Cyclist involved in hit-and-run crash grateful to be alive

Cyclist involved in hit-and-run crash grateful to be alive
Injured bicyclist
Injured bicyclist

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A bike ride turned into a near-death experience for a Louisville woman.

Jennifer Kraemer is an experienced cyclist and was in the mood for a long bike ride Saturday morning. Her relaxing ride took a horrifying turn when a truck came up behind her and hit her as she was turning from Taylorsville Road onto Eastwood-Fisherville Road.

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"I got to the yellow line, I had my left arm out to make my turn, a car passed me and as I made my turn I could see a tan truck coming straight at me," Kraemer said.  "He was just over the yellow line, the middle yellow line. I just thought, I gotta put my head down and pedal as fast as I can to get to the other side. I knew he was going to hit me no matter what."

Kraemer was T-boned on her left side. She went flying off her bike and suffered significant injuries, including road rash all over her body.

What's disturbing to Kraemer is that the driver of the truck that hit her took off. People who witnessed what happened rushed over to help.

"I heard a gentleman say, 'We have both lanes blocked; are you OK?" Kraemer said. "The gentleman helped me stand up and walk to the side of the road."

One woman snapped a photo of the truck that hit Kraemer.

Kraemer described the truck as a tan Ford with metal tool box in the bed and possible front-end damage from where she was hit. She has shared it on social media in hopes police will find out who hit her.

"I don't know how any individual can hit a human being and just leave them sitting in the middle of the road," Kraemer said. "Several people have tried to enhance the picture, and it almost appears as if the person is looking out their back window back at the scene. So, he knows he hit me without a doubt. His front headlight was shattered by my body."

Kraemer filed a police report. She also said her helmet saved her life. She is urging everyone to share the road.

"Share the road and be cautious of each other," Kraemer said. "If it takes you a few more seconds to get to where you are going, give that courtesy three feet when you are going around someone, and don't try to run people off the road. We do have a right to be out there."

Louisville Metro Police are investigating.

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