Video of assault outside Louisville restaurant sparks outrage

Video of assault outside Louisville restaurant sparks outrage

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A disturbing assault outside a Louisville restaurant that was caught on camera has people demanding action.

The video of the incident has been shared on social media around 4,000 times, and viewers have left thousands of comments on it. Louisville Metro Police said they are investigating, and they are aware that the video of the assault has exploded on social media.

LMPD told WAVE 3 News the assault happened early Wednesday morning.

The video, that was first posted in a Louisville group called Speak Up or Shut Up, was re-posted and shared thousands of times. The phrase "Worst thing I've seen! Louisville is savage! Who could do this to an old man?" was added.

"They was just attacking this man because he was trying to get into the car," one witness said to another while shooting the video.

First Division officers were called to the parking lot of Indi's Restaurant on Broadway, according to LMPD. But before they got there, cell phones had already starting recording the two young women hitting the man. The man appears much older in the video, and was apparently involved in some sort of fender bender with the women outside the restaurant.

Another man tried to get the attackers to stop, but they continued, even when the man was on the ground. Eventually, Indi's employees helped the man and police arrived.

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The video outraged thousands of people who demanded the women be dealt with. One of the two women defended her actions on Facebook.

"I don't even know what, I'm over here explaining myself 'cause y'all don't know what's going on anyway," she wrote. "But yeah, they hit my car and tried to run."

"It's appalling we have turned on each other," Minister James Mathis, Senior of Mount Sinai A.O.H. Church of God, said of the video.

The minister put out a call for three months of prayer and peace in the community just before the incident Tuesday night. After he watched the man get knocked to the ground, the minister, who's been shot in the past, said the continued violence is tough to take.

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"She didn't care," Mathis said of one of the women who struck the man in the video. "She was wanting to hurt and then she's celebrating, and that's the bad part about it. We're celebrating hurting people instead of unifying and coming together for our greater cause. We are celebrating hurting each other  because the love is gone."

People commenting on the post were also upset with bystanders who didn't act to stop the assault. The video has been taken down.

Although the names of those involved are public, WAVE 3 NEWS is not currently reporting them because no arrests have been made.

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