Metro Government employees want Dan Johnson to resign

Metro Government employees want Dan Johnson to resign
Councilwoman Jessica Green claims Dan Johnson grabbed her rear end at an event on June 7.
Councilman Dan Johnson (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Councilman Dan Johnson (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Councilwoman Jessica Green spoke Thursday about the sexual harassment allegations against Councilman Dan Johnson.

She said that the resolution by the Majority Caucus is not enough.

Green recalled an incident last week at Wyandotte Park where Johnson allegedly grabbed her rear end.

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Since then, Johnson has issued a public apology letter. But, he will still be working with the Metro Council until his current term comes to an end in January 2019. Green said she does not feel comfortable in the workplace and believes Johnson should resign.

Currently, there is no sexual harassment policy for Metro Government workers. They do not fall under Metro Louisville's sexual harassment policy through the human resources department.

Another woman, Erin Hinson, claimed she, too, was sexually harassed by Johnson, and the lack of procedure brought her case to the public against her wishes.

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Hinson is a legislative assistant for Angela Leet of District 7. Leet is drafting a resolution to incorporate elected officials, and all employees at city hall, into the sexual harassment policy.

Both Green and Hinson said they did not want to address their reports of sexual harassment publicly, but without appropriate procedure, they weren't given a choice.

"The problem is the moment I send an email -- just like Councilwoman Green sent a letter -- it become subject to all open records," Hinson said. "I never wanted any of this to be public or made available for any of my kids to see in 10 years."

Leet said she wants everyone to feel comfortable in the workplace, and is drafting a resolution to be presented at the next council meeting in hopes of formalizing a sexual harassment policy.

WAVE 3 News reached out to Johnson, who said he never wanted to talk on the matter again and hung up the phone.

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